Actor. Singer. Dancer. 

Director. Choreographer. Stage Manager.


Holly in Oh, Manhattan! at Arc Stages

Streaming March 5th & 6th



Director & Choreographer of Godspell JR

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As a child, my parents exposed me to many different activities such as tennis, roller skating and arts & crafts... but after seeing a production of Annie when I

was 5, I was hooked! Every spring my mom would take me to see as many high school spring musicals as possible, and I would cherish the playbills and insist

on buying cassette tapes of the soundtracks.

Studying at Circle in the Square Theatre School really opened my eyes to theatre in the round as well as different and new ways of telling stories that I had never seen before. I started attending Circle right after Fun Home won its 5 Tony Awards. Being so immersed in this musical (the actors walking the halls, hearing the orchestrations from upstairs fill the space) really opened my mind to what is possible onstage. This experience also quite literally yanked me out of the closet along with Medium Alison.

After graduating, I worked as an actor and as an assistant stage manager for equity theatre companies in New York. More recently, I’ve been directing, choreographing and stage managing youth theatre in the tri-state area. As a multi-hyphenate artist, I am always looking to be in rooms that engage and inspire everyone in the process and the community. I am led to and most excited by work that questions, heals and celebrates all of our experiences. Let's work together and create art that matters!

Recent Highlights...

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"Rena Gavigan, who plays the kind-hearted strong willed Shelby, and Kit Colbourn, who plays M’Lynne, her passionate but stubborn mother, are both perfect in their delivery of what each would be feeling as a young woman facing a limiting disease, and as the mom who only wants what’s best for her."

- Josie Grant (Hudson Valley Ovation)


Beautiful from Ordinary Days

Our Town Scene

OCD Poem Choreography

Love on the Rocks



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